Design Sprint

Design Sprint Establish a brief and test it in five days. All of this is made possible thanks to Design Sprint, a process based on Design Thinking, developed by Google to design UX and UI in close collaboration with Customers, Experts and Users.

Design Sprint helps you explore a problem, identify a number of possible solutions, choose the best one and check its effectiveness with people who will use your product in the future.

How does it work?

A single interdisciplinary team, comprised of people from both our and your staff, works according to a well-defined programme for five days

The result

The final and tangible result at the end of the Design Sprint Week will be an interactive high-fidelity user-tested prototype. It will not be a wireframe or a paper prototype, it will actually look like the final product.


To obtain results and solve complex situations, it is necessary to surround yourself with important and specialised resources from various sectors.
One example is neural analysis, an evolving subject matter that allows us to scientifically capture users' reactions and behaviours.


Eye-Tracker tools and Visual
Attention questionnaires, most observed areas and paths of exploration.
Think aloud after the post, requirements and suggestions.

Specific aims

UX Specific Objectives analysis: navigation paths, errors, most observed areas;
UI analysis: satisfaction, comprehension of texts/images, most observed areas;
Identification of the desired or missing aspects

We are hiring!
We are looking for:
Mobile Developer,
Front End Developer,
UX/UI designer.

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