Davide Van De Sfroos ecommerce

An ambitious project such as the remastering of Manicomi, the legendary De Sfroos album, could not fail to have a digital project capable of supporting its sales.

Our ecommerce platform is easily supporting fans' desire for analog, managing vinyl sales and merchandising.

By taking advantage of the paypal cart, we have transformed a normal showcase site based on our CMS Web Refresh X edition, into a full-fledged ecommerce.

The customer can manage the product catalog, prices and promotions in complete autonomy, managing the collection by credit card.

With a few days of development we have thus given the possibility to sell online, without maintenance costs and without the need to sign contracts with any payment gateway.

La Piadineria


We are hiring!
We are looking for:
Mobile Developer,
Front End Developer,
UX/UI designer.

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