Self Ordering Kiosk, Design, Development

Built-in integration with TCPOS, the Calavera Kiosk is one of the most unique self-order projects we have worked on, both thanks to the coordinated image that was our starting point and the extreme level of customisation that users can apply to the product. Composing their Burrito step-by-step, sauce on sauce, garnish on garnish, hungry customers can decide every single ingredient and visually control how their final product is filling up in real time.

It is an example of how cross-selling works when you have visual feedback on your choices, in this specific case taking advantage of the "gamification" effect. The Calavera Kiosk is an example that intrigues new customers interested in implementing a self-ordering experience and, when used as a demo, you hear yourself say: "I want one like that!".


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